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safe1552348 screencap194499 blues904 bon bon15452 caramel2333 carrot top5118 cloud kicker1689 golden harvest5118 goldengrape588 jet set425 lily1754 lily valley1754 lucky clover501 lyra heartstrings27474 merry may670 noteworthy905 rainbowshine762 royal riff298 say cheese48 sir colton vines iii588 sunshower raindrops2193 sweet biscuit353 sweetie drops15452 tender brush100 twilight sparkle278986 winter lotus100 alicorn190413 earth pony189787 pegasus231662 pony824481 unicorn256039 the summer sun setback1012 audience367 aura735 background pony8873 background pony audience332 butt24401 clothes399675 cookie3236 female876877 flower21583 flower in hair6449 folded wings4338 food59175 frown21323 glowing horn16074 hoof hold7133 horn40187 levitation10279 magic64326 magic aura2731 male298287 microphone4392 open mouth119995 plot70380 raised hoof37784 sitting53637 telekinesis24003 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113549 wings71498


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