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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1552330 screencap194493 doctor whooves9972 golden crust125 linky1311 princess celestia88902 princess luna92998 roseluck4613 shoeshine1429 time turner9957 twilight sparkle278983 alicorn190403 earth pony189776 pony824460 unicorn256020 the summer sun setback1012 announcement157 audience367 aura735 canterlot4830 confused4043 cute173119 female876855 flowing mane830 folded wings4338 frown21323 glowing horn16074 grin32104 levitation10279 looking up13717 magic64323 male298270 mare403054 microphone4392 multicolored mane807 open mouth119994 raised hoof37784 shrunken pupils2310 siblings5624 sisters6979 smiling209131 speakers631 stage2637 stallion90082 telekinesis24003 twiabetes9852 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113546


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