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safe1614832 screencap210663 doctor whooves10408 golden crust130 linky1419 princess celestia91143 princess luna95462 roseluck4813 shoeshine1534 time turner10404 twilight sparkle288183 alicorn205888 earth pony215656 pony882451 unicorn284899 the summer sun setback1050 announcement168 audience372 aura790 canterlot5360 confused4363 cute186113 female1285447 flowing mane1063 folded wings5073 frown21827 glowing horn17691 grin34605 levitation11141 looking up14801 magic68397 male343571 mare439123 microphone4654 multicolored mane1339 open mouth129762 raised hoof40700 shrunken pupils2754 siblings7106 sisters7890 smiling224379 speakers682 stage2865 stallion97744 telekinesis25619 twiabetes10829 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118329


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