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safe1639916 screencap213781 doctor whooves10532 golden crust142 linky1491 princess celestia92332 princess luna96557 shoeshine1606 time turner10528 twilight sparkle291813 alicorn211192 earth pony224307 pony905556 unicorn295698 the summer sun setback1059 announcement171 crowd950 crown15513 ethereal mane7226 ethereal tail324 female1305660 festival of the two sisters4 flowing mane1108 flowing tail223 folded wings5336 glowing horn18251 grin35611 hoof shoes4750 horn55906 jewelry57241 levitation11424 magic69773 magic aura3519 male351302 mare450023 microphone4746 multicolored mane1364 multicolored tail1054 open mouth133559 pointing3845 raised hoof42109 regalia18161 royal sisters4167 siblings7474 sisters8157 smiling230417 speakers700 speech3107 stage2951 stallion100723 sunrise1058 surprised8727 telekinesis26241 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119946 wide eyes16535


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