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Boomer Remover Remover

Nurse Red Heart is fighting the good fight along with all the other nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers. They are selflessly helping the infected at risk of themselves as supplies and masks run low. Give them your support!

Sorry no comic today. Between getting prepared for potential lockdowns, exhaustion, and plain old frustration and writers block cause of this stupid virus, I didn’t have the time and needed to vent and draw something else. I do like how it turned out though. :)
Stay Healthy everyone!

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Background Pony #A60B
℞ vs ☣

We and most heroes mostly cheer ℞
Villains and sociopaths mostly cheer ☣

With the few wonder if the fight to overcome coronavirus starts with retailers who impose limits on essential supplies when they have security guards and or officers to patrol the store when the few hope there isn't fist fights over the last of the stock. With the few hope the image of nurse red-heart fighting the bugs that spread coronavirus isn't tagged as suggestive over her gown that shows off her lady bits and thigh high stockings.
Marv West
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Luna.Twilight affection
We must win the battle, whatever it takes.
Hope all the healthcare worker will be OK and the people who are suffering from the virus will recover soon, no more infections or deaths.🙏