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safe1754400 artist:hobbes-maxwell434 oc713581 oc only466308 oc:corona chan46 bat pony52348 pony1014002 cheongsam459 clothes477151 coronavirus835 covid-19777 ear fluff31396 female1405152 graveyard of comments162 grin41182 simple background410387 smiling262252 solo1096857 transparent background209389 virus112 wings123783


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Looking For My Doctor
This site isn’t a chan, or something like FaceBook where you post an image and then talk about whatever comes to mind.
On this site, threads on images are for discussing the artwork, and if you wish to discuss the themes of the image, such as whether covid-19 should be named “X” or “Y”, you should use the forums.
So, if you wish to talk about the sociopolitical implications of the covid-19 pandemic, or discuss how it is named, or wax philosophical on how you believe others are responding to it, please use the forums. If you don’t find the thread you would like to use, make your own.
And if you find this image objectionable, if you feel that artists should not be making characters who are embodiments of the virus, please filter the “coronavirus” and “covid-19” tags, or hide the image.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
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A Fruit Bap
It haven’t been proved yet, so I can only say “maybe”..  
Even if it was true, that wasn’t the reason to hate or deride Chinese people for the virus.  
After all, Chinese ppl did a lot for it and don’t forget many useful things you have are “made in china”
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Deletion reason: Rule #6 - Please keep this off site drama off of the site.
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