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Result of my art style test with AppleJack chosen in the last poll on Patreon.

New Art Style? Definitive? I think i found where i want go.

This is the first Patreon Art Public, if you want to see what I will do next check my Patreon:


NSFW Avaible.

You can find the Arts in High Resolution on Patreon as well.
safe1557166 artist:ciderpunk539 applejack157383 human140065 belly button66241 big breasts66807 breasts235363 busty applejack8212 choker8950 cleavage30393 clothes401909 cyberpunk1055 eyebrows visible through hair681 female881413 fingerless gloves3825 fishnets4514 gloves16843 humanized93178 midriff18011 outfit1055 shorts11891 solo960529 vest3414


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