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Joking aside, hope you're all doing okay
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Background Pony #093A
I love how extroverts are having meltdown over quarantine because they can't socialize.

Background Pony #E375
I've been training my whole life for this quarantine thing.

Yeah…. after reviewing stay-at-home measures issued by the state, I paused and re-read it. "Did…I miss something?"
I'm ordering slightly more things online now than usual, that's about it.

I DID finally try out the curbside pickup thing at the grocery store. I may only go shopping in the store now for things they don't have on the website.

The only change the quarantine had on my schedule is that I had to start eating stuff from my freezer exclusively instead of going halvsies with fresh stuff from the store.
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Still, it's surprising just how many VAs from MLP also did voices for the Dawn of War games.

Well known Celestia's VA did the Farseer, and the Banshees.

Bit less well known that Snips VA did the Avatar of Khaine.
Steve Magnet's VA did the Tau commander.

And I believe Cathy Weseluck (Spike's VA) was also involved in Soulstorm, with 'additional voices'. Which suggests the Sisters of Battle as they were a new faction then.