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Shadow cloud is blushing up a storm when the cmc turn around and show him their panties they seem to enjoy seeing his reaction and maybe have fun with him later when they're alone.
Art by marauder6272
Pose for the cmc was inspired by mina in this pic.
suggestive127697 artist:marauder62721701 apple bloom46484 scootaloo49123 sweetie belle46587 oc603393 oc:shadow cloud11 anthro229536 bat pony43329 unguligrade anthro42850 series:ponyville high school8 ass41946 balls66217 bedroom eyes51349 big balls7378 big breasts68196 big penis7657 bloom butt507 bottom heavy646 breasts238885 busty apple bloom1443 busty scootaloo1016 busty sweetie belle1768 butt27077 cleavage30699 clothes408013 curvy5731 cutie mark crusaders17863 hourglass figure1308 huge breasts31816 huge butt8000 hyper8215 hyper balls854 hyper breasts3649 hyper penis1569 impossibly large balls5715 impossibly large breasts14325 impossibly large butt6243 impossibly large penis11647 impossibly large thighs470 large butt12793 miniskirt4750 monochrome147632 nudity332880 older22957 older apple bloom1613 older scootaloo1636 older sweetie belle1781 panties46018 penis137176 school uniform6679 scootabutt372 skirt35544 socks56626 sweetie butt529 the ass was fat12502 thigh highs28259 thighs8164 thunder thighs6427 underwear55090 wide hips13594


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