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another random drawing inspired in that episode of mlp instead of encounter one twilight find herself in front of two Nightmares

art by me
Nightmare moon and princess twilight belong to Hasbro
Soma belong to me
safe1555675 artist:somashield74 nightmare moon15888 twilight sparkle279843 oc593793 oc:soma70 alicorn191033 pony826789 unicorn257655 the cutie re-mark3002 alternate timeline2650 armor21307 butt24872 collar28166 crown13497 digital art10926 female879950 horn40489 jewelry49083 male299122 mare404347 nightmare form23 nightmare takeover timeline452 plot70430 regalia15718 shocked5599 size difference12292 stairs1458 stallion90363 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113757 wings72034


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With twilight wondering if there was a rule 63 version of nightmare moon when the encounter twilight has of nightmare moon and her gender bender.