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Originally posted on: August 1, 2016
Finally I got this done, one commission vanished from my to do list~
I am so glad I am done with this. It was fun to make!

If you are interested in Gettn a commission from me, you find all information here:
T.O.S. of TheBlackCatsTale
.: The-Black-Cats-Tale Commission Sheet :. (Dead link)
- Commission Progress - (Dead link)

Character Prae © by PraetorianOverlord
Art and Drawing © by TheBlackCatsTale
suggestive126090 artist:theblackcatstale47 oc593259 oc only403982 oc:praetorianoverlord8 human139748 bikini15426 bikini bottom797 breasts234583 clothes400664 cutie mark on human1603 eared humanization2565 female878925 fog751 hair over one eye8004 humanized93020 nudity328198 partial nudity16266 shower2967 solo958772 solo female166598 strategically covered2572 swimsuit24194 sword10450 topless10714 weapon26708 winged humanization8015 wings71836


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