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Artist's description:
Used my flutter for this one!

I know people are having a hard time with the whole quarantine thing so i thought i'd make the best out of it
trust me im just as bored as you are
safe1554870 artist:floofyhoof14 angel bunny9321 fluttershy195711 pegasus232231 pony826055 rabbit4336 alternate cutie mark1370 alternate design2133 animal3230 bed35507 cheek fluff4206 chest fluff31472 clothes400668 cozy147 crepuscular rays2402 duo47770 eyes closed78339 female878949 floppy ears45872 folded wings4364 indoors1759 leg fluff2367 mare403931 pillow15033 prone22889 sleeping21322 smiling209688 socks55675 striped socks18857 sunshine198 window7075 wings71837


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