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safe1554862 screencap195105 princess celestia88994 princess luna93090 alicorn190804 pony826046 between dark and dawn1481 affection126 alternate hairstyle23722 animated90972 backpack1710 barehoof207 boop6775 clothes400664 cute173529 cutelestia3070 ethereal mane6221 excited2533 eyeshadow12646 female878927 flowing mane853 gif27406 glowing horn16147 hair bun2793 hawaiian shirt375 hooves16145 horn40389 looking at each other15755 luggage233 lunabetes3054 magic64469 makeup17119 mare403926 multicolored mane847 ponytail15204 raised hoof37863 royal sisters3737 shirt20575 siblings5652 sisterly love315 sisters7000 talking4114 vacation211


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