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Artist's comment:
Flourish Glade cosplay n°2: Launch, from Dragon Ball Z
Beware if you see her sneezing… apart from coronavirus of course!
(Yes, crappy background and should have made a propper hairstyle of the character. Will consider those things next time)
Hope you like it!
suggestive126451 artist:pananovich618 oc595485 oc only405226 oc:flourish glade114 anthro226458 bat pony42527 plantigrade anthro26259 bat pony oc13798 bat wings5261 bra13837 breasts235512 clothes402191 cosplay26448 costume24459 crop top bra975 dragon ball675 female881953 folded wings4416 gun14415 holding2404 launch34 mare405511 rear view9559 shorts11897 shotgun1349 solo961194 solo female166915 underwear54518 weapon26797 wings72485


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #E029
Honestly, Launch was one of my favorite characters when I went back and watched Dragon Ball. I'm glad she's still remembered and appreciated by the Dragon Ball fandom.