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safe1639894 artist:meiyeezhu348 lightning dust4404 rainbow dash226640 rolling thunder221 oc643387 oc:young master zhi8 alternate hairstyle26338 angry25609 anime5108 awning14 belly button72862 blushing186553 buttons282 chair6403 clothes435886 compression shorts1264 cosplay27217 costume26401 cross-popping veins1496 delicious flat chest4965 disbelief56 door3808 dripping5086 embarrassed10785 frustrated524 glasses58303 hat81831 jacket11701 midriff18767 mocking213 old master q502 pants13403 plaid404 pointing3846 ponytail16741 rain5826 rainbow4259 rainbow flat1053 robes315 running5587 rush62 shirt23002 shoes33619 shorts13117 smiling230405 sneakers4806 soaked124 sports bra2795 street716 sun visor15 surprised8727 teasing3545 tomboy918 visor644 wet7608 wet hair710 window7941


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Why exactly is Dash so aggressive and rude to the boy, unlike the other two versions of this comic?
I mean, Dash is impulsive and she can be rude sometimes, but not the kind of girl who would directly insult you.