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safe1555625 artist:meiyeezhu319 lightning dust4174 rainbow dash217221 rolling thunder199 oc593726 oc:young master zhi7 equestria girls177418 alternate hairstyle23770 angry23471 anime4314 awning13 blushing172633 buttons246 chair5737 clothes401069 compression shorts1188 cosplay26484 costume24425 cross-popping veins1302 delicious flat chest4384 disbelief49 door3549 dripping4265 embarrassed9899 frustrated470 glasses53864 hat74637 jacket10538 mocking200 old master q456 pants11863 plaid384 pointing3617 ponytail15227 rain5520 rainbow3864 rainbow flat926 robes306 running5184 rush59 shirt20597 shoes28987 shorts11862 smiling209880 sneakers4603 soaked113 sports bra2537 street637 sun visor11 surprised7907 teasing3208 tomboy538 visor563 wet6895 wet hair658 window7075


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12 comments posted

Why exactly is Dash so aggressive and rude to the boy, unlike the other two versions of this comic?
I mean, Dash is impulsive and she can be rude sometimes, but not the kind of girl who would directly insult you.