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Haven't uploaded anything in quite a while, and I thought this was funny enough
safe1558907 edit114929 edited screencap54137 screencap195557 berry punch6071 berryshine6062 bon bon15498 carrot top5122 cherry berry1833 golden harvest5122 linky1321 minuette5326 shoeshine1439 sweetie drops15498 twinkleshine1945 earth pony191958 pony829810 unicorn259113 winter wrap up968 clothes402602 coronavirus689 covid-19685 dark comedy625 female882824 flag3385 longbon105 mare405995 op is a duck4102 op is trying to start shit2706 snow12424 vest3417 winter wrap up song50


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Artist -

Somehow Always Wrong
@Background Pony #0CC6

and that's why it's worse. it pushes this mentality that when anyone who disagrees with you or has a differing opinion of your work or someone else's work you enjoy, their opinions are to be disregarded and these people are beneath you (hence the calling people haters part)
Background Pony #FA1E
Let's finish our quarantine
Cause tomorrow death is here
Cause tomorrow death is here

Going to all public spots
An infected job begins
And hugging all of your besties
To spread the covid gifts