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aggie drawn on Ponyfest Online's discord server between a bunch of us silly horses.

Tag yoself if you drew something!
safe1552238 artist:cutepencilcase492 artist:fluffyxai476 artist:jennithedragon34 artist:rockiesmith3 artist:sketch-leaderboard10 derpy hooves47887 fluttershy195514 princess celestia88892 princess luna92989 oc592039 oc:bit rate89 oc:earthen spark13 oc:grassy blade5 crab778 deer4398 earth pony189764 kirin6423 pegasus231638 unicorn255956 aggie.io44 chibi12916 cute173119 drawpile disasters103 food59171 gun14353 muffin6122 ponyfest38 ponyfest online24 silly6944 sword10434 taco1260 text49633 weapon26664


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Background Pony #67FD
Nice work Sketch Leaderboard, FluffyXai and the rest! Obviously I love the Derpy the most 9c6