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Originally posted on: October 21, 2016
Just needed to draw me some Nightmare Night pones, so I did.

Dr. Unit and Prof. Sanguinem doing some more hanging out, dressing up as the cliches of one another. 'Cuz cute couple costumes X3
Just a silly thing I had fun drawing.


Dr. Unit © angrylittleburd
Prof. Sanguinem © Me
safe1553570 artist:ravenpuff1123 oc592754 oc only403783 oc:prof. sanguinem25 oc:sunshine unit22 bat pony42305 pony825322 unicorn256683 bags under eyes1744 bat pony oc13670 bat wings5104 blood22194 clothes400207 collar28105 costume24402 cup5378 duo47628 fangs21526 glowing horn16123 goggles13100 grayscale35752 hoof hold7142 horn40338 lab coat1978 magic64412 male298680 monochrome146114 slit eyes3952 smiling209383 stallion90232 telekinesis24031 traditional art107622 unicorn oc3827 wings71746


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