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Originally posted on: October 22, 2016
Day 22 of October's Gore Challenge: Torture Devices.

Oh, look, it's Fodder. I bet no one knows who he is, I only rarely ever drawn him and attached a name to it. Oh well.

This theme started out leaving me completely out of ideas until I did some google searching for such devices. Fell over the Heretics Fork. A simple thing really. Just a double ended metal fork strapped to the victim's neck, so it's resting underneath chin and on chest. The victim is strapped into a standing position left to stand until they tire. When their head drop down the fork will penetrate through chest and under chin from the weight, when they can no longer keep their head up.
Adding in said strapping of the legs I just used a regular leg spreader. Effective enough to make the victim unable to move about or use their hooves for anything, could possibly add some further strapping to insure he can't walk try to waddle away, but I got lazy. As added bonus I had his wings tied off to a point they were made useless. Left like that long enough they will just turn into slaps of dead meat and bone after having blood circulation cut off for so long. Either way very unpleasant.

I probably had more fun with this than was is good. Oh well, enjoy.
grimdark29735 suggestive125910 artist:ravenpuff1121 oc592054 oc only403455 oc:xeno fodder8 pegasus231641 pony824388 blood22180 bound wings3141 collar28067 crying39372 cuffs3534 grayscale35732 male298263 malesub3558 monochrome146034 pegasus oc4164 solo957183 solo male23543 spreader bar1985 stallion90078 submissive12157 torture738 traditional art107509 wings71478


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