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Originally posted on: October 25, 2016
Day 25 of October's Gore Challenge: Organs.

I dunno how much it's already a thing somewhere, but for today's theme I imagined a sort of yet another anomaly to wander the FoE Wasteland. Instead of a glowing ghoul with visible bones, this oddity appears to be just… organs. A collection of organs in proper order and position floating about. Is it truly just organs or is the rest of the vessel carrying it just invisible? What is it, why is it, where it's from?

I got no clue but it was the idea I had for today's theme.



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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Military enthusiast pony
With so much crazy shit wandering the wasteland, I'd just ask 'friend or foe', and, depending on reaction, hug or shoot.
Background Pony #5013
If it's something like a barreleye fish, that would look cool, actually.
Background Pony #6A93
That is somehow even more disturbing than an actual moving skeleton or zombie. But if its just a pony with see through fur and skin, would still hug.