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Yup. I did it. I did the thing. These are my 3 entries for kilala97 's contest.

I spent like the entirety of today at my local library finishing this and yay- it's finally done!

(from left to right)

Name: Lucent (or "Lucy")
Gender: Female
Parents: Prism Bolt (Kil) and Magnolia May (Lop)
Special Talent: working with light fixtures and creating beautiful crystal chandeliers and the like
Personality: very brash and fast-paced, but very patient when working
Fun Fact: she prefers running to flying- mostly because her wings are too small to support her weight

Name: Harvest Moon
Gender: Male
Parents: Golden Delicious (Kil) and Moondancer (Lop)
Special Talent: caring for and growing apples- much like others in the Apple Family
Personality: a sweet lil country bumpkin with no desire whatsoever to learn magic- and with no magical skill, his horn hasn't grown much
Fun Fact: he has the sweetest singing voice y'all ever did hear

Name: Nox
Gender: Female
Parents: Star Burst (Kil) and Artemis (Lop)
Special Talent: performing dark magical spells
Personality: very moody with a bit of a temper, not that she can really control her ROYAL CANTERLOT- cough cough- her Royal Canterlot tongue.
Fun Fact: has an infatuation for sweet things
safe1556965 artist:rainbowfactory2013 oc594622 oc only404588 oc:harvest moon33 oc:lucent52 oc:nox41 alicorn191335 pegasus232969 pony828077 unicorn258279 kilalaverse1009 pandoraverse666 magical gay spawn851 offspring33664 offspring's offspring529 parent:oc:artemis4 parent:oc:golden delicious15 parent:oc:magnolia may2 parent:oc:moondancer5 parent:oc:prism bolt17 parent:oc:starburst18 parents:oc x oc1232 simple background338389 white background84968


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