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Them's Fightin Herds group vector :)))
safe1750321 artist:rainbow eevee812 arizona (tfh)1198 oleander (tfh)1204 paprika (tfh)982 pom (tfh)720 tianhuo (tfh)641 velvet (tfh)1399 alpaca1041 classical unicorn4225 cow3449 deer6061 lamb537 reindeer2074 sheep1598 unicorn342250 them's fightin' herds4784 adorapom34 arizonadorable45 awwleander17 bandana5512 bell4592 cloven hooves10605 collar34528 community related4376 curved horn7182 cute205675 eyelashes12307 female1401714 fightin' six151 horn77569 jumping3473 leonine tail9197 looking down9312 looking up17132 open mouth154290 paprikadorable31 raised leg8077 scared10761 simple background409053 smiling260869 tianhuaww18 transparent background208777 unshorn fetlocks27159 vector77859 velvebetes25


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Background Pony #1DB9
I'm surprised Paprika isn't the one midair.
Lovely vector by the way it's nice to see more TFH artwork.
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