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Part 1. Chapter 15. The Guest Which Is Not Welcome

Illustration for fanfic

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December 14, 2014
safe1554806 artist:sirvalter139 doctor caballeron611 oc593203 oc:patrimony6 crystal pony4140 earth pony190240 pony826009 fanfic:steyblridge chronicle82 bag3271 black and white11866 clothes400631 duo47759 fanfic10145 fanfic art12813 female878866 grayscale35774 grin32166 gritted teeth10125 hooves16145 illustration311 knife4726 male298881 mare403899 monochrome146209 research institute40 saddle bag5093 smiling209676 stallion90277 storage42


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Background Pony #76D3
Patrimony: You will not take the Crystal heart, take and i take your heart!

Doctor caballeron: but is a treasor like the other and is need to be..?(she cut his face and let a tiny scar)

Patrimony: I say you will not take our Crystal heart, our empire will not survive wont it, the heart protect our empire for the eternal blizzare and we need for every crystaling, If you dont want i call the guard, leave the empire and never come back, I am the last mare on this empire you want to provoke, now LEAVE OR DIE!

Doctor Caballeron:…Ok ok..well is still many relic out tare anyway!
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