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She didn't expect this.
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Thing is, it's not about you. You're not just putting yourself at risk by contracting the virus, you're putting at risk everyone who comes into contact with you. This crud is amazingly contagious, and even folks who get little or no symptoms can pass it along to dozens more. Some of whom may die from it.

I hear you on that, but there's no way to say this without someone feeling some type of way. A healthy diet and life style was always available to people, regardless the level of wealth. For someone like me, with a mild case of 'I don't like working out or eating veggies every meal/day', I'll face the consequences of my actions. If I don't make it, that's on me. Fruits and veggies are not as expensive as people make it seem, using fast food prices as an example of that. And it's free to walk around the neighborhood or park, but even that's limited now thanks to some places already using "Not Martial Law" rules or even declaring Martial Law officially. It's survival of the fittest now. I'm just worried about the state of the world if we give into fear and not try to maintain some normalcy in our daily lives.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Here's the problem with this. The course of the disease for COVID-19 isn't always the same. You have casees where it's no worse then the common flu. But then are the ones where it's way worse and you might need to be rushed to the hospital.

Sure if you're healthy to begin with, you can even get over the worse variant. But even a healthy person might die from it, should something unexpectet happen.

Call me crazy, but that is kind of smart. Think about it, how else will you build antibodies if you don't get the virus when you feel healthy? You think the world leaders will mass produce a free cure? Laughable~