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While many know mostly of King Speedy Hooves, Queen Galaxia, their son, and their lives as the main rulers of the Equestrian Empire (consisting of the mainland Equestria, The Crystal Empire, along with other Equine related territories. Many do not know what the lives of our other alicorn fusions. For example, the current King and Queen of the Crystal district of the Equestrian Empire, Calm Merriment and his wife Motherly Morning. Here we get a glimpse at what rule of these two is like in a completely different part of Equestria in this new world and order.

Illustrated beautifully and produced by :iconkozachokzrotom:
safe1554800 artist:kozachokzrotom58 cheese sandwich3575 donut joe749 fancypants1760 soarin'13263 oc593199 oc:king calm merriment81 alicorn190796 crystal pony4140 earth pony190239 pegasus232207 pony826007 unicorn257097 comic:couple of the crystal empire15 alicorn oc21470 armor21274 butt24696 clothes400625 comic99894 commissioner:bigonionbean1273 crystal2300 crystal empire1994 cutie mark39532 door3548 doors121 embarrassed9887 face down ass up7056 fusion4322 fusion:king calm merriment81 magic64465 palace106 plot70439 pulling576 random pony383 royal guard6985 royal guard armor657 royalty972 stained glass window51 struggling821 thought bubble2923 tuxedo1226 writer:bigonionbean1030


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