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safe1557317 artist:nancy-0557 adagio dazzle11878 aria blaze9116 sonata dusk12492 oc595330 oc:melicus ostium6 siren2006 comic:fusing the fusions199 comic:time of the fusions54 argument745 blushing172937 chest524 comic100221 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 confusion173 conjoined772 dazed118 dialogue58968 evil planning in progress56 female881530 forced1007 fused60 fusion4337 fusion:melicus ostium6 gem5307 heat115 jewelry49258 magic64645 merge212 multiple heads1508 nightmare1239 panting2614 prison775 race swap12322 regalia15767 shocked5611 siren gem1585 spell471 tartarus424 three heads547 we have become one533 writer:bigonionbean1039


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Background Pony #B4F1
For me it would be a hot fetish as i mentioned probably couple of time in last year or so.
Seeing the -what you call it? "Sensitive parts" fuse and marge would be at the same time interesting and arousing. Shame you dont wanna do that.
I will have to think about it myself but i already have to many projects going…
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Well in the end think what you want of it I am telling you that I do NOT value it as a fetish or anything of the sort. I assumed that this type of thing would happen to them regardless. If their bodies are fusing this would include the anatomically sensitive parts of their bodies to undergo sensitivity reactions of course. It is only expected that they are able to sense and react accordingly to a sensation similar to that of these mares undergoing severe heat. Not that is happens every time but it is always a possibility.
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But…what about all the blushing and moaning that happened during some of these fusions though? Seems to contradict the notion that it's not a fetish. I'm not complaining at all, I actually love it. Just wondering why you're saying the fusion is not meant to be sexual even though some of the fusees react sexually to it.