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Edit of >>2396362 to resemble their EqG skintones.
This is the last color edit I’m making of Racoonsan’s work for now. I won’t be doing Cadance.
suggestive165253 alternate version62541 artist:racoonsan633 color edit8217 edit150242 editor:drakeyc96 princess celestia102399 princess luna106559 between dark and dawn1876 equestria girls226244 absolute cleavage4459 adorasexy11029 alternate hairstyle32098 anime6367 armpits44701 beach18346 beach babe908 belly button91282 big breasts99750 bikini21477 bikini babe841 blushing227752 bocas top172 breasts324383 busty princess celestia11708 busty princess luna8122 cleavage39245 clothes533694 colored21396 cute225687 cutelestia3889 duo97410 female1537598 hair bun4036 huge breasts46216 lunabetes3862 mare578684 multicolored hair8114 nail polish9377 ocean8700 open mouth183827 palm tree2183 praise the sun2204 royal sisters5326 sexy35417 siblings13035 sisters11550 skin color edit197 stupid sexy celestia1826 stupid sexy princess luna839 swimsuit33443 tree38726 wall of tags5053 winged humanization9318


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Mostly? I’m tired. And it’s a different type of swimsuit than the Humane Seven. This one was a bonus and I pegged it as an simple edit anyway (the only red tones in it are their skintones, so easy to recolor).