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Because @itssugarmorning is bringing us more blessings, here's Porona and Porona featuring the TP dress. You've made her very happy and this makes me very happy. Thank you!

(You can go get your own YCH of this, and probably should if you have a cute pone who likes the jomps)

Bonus points if the preview image gets horribly screwed up again!
safe1724952 artist:sugar morning1381 oc696306 oc only455335 oc:corona chan46 oc:porona42 bat pony50758 animal costume2047 animated99526 bat pony oc18105 bat wings9622 bunny costume714 clothes466460 coronavirus825 costume27945 covid-19770 gif31537 jumping3415 leapfrog36 povid-1927 simple background400259 solo1076746 sugar morning's jumping ponies26 toilet paper432 transparent background205104 wings110960 ych result21986


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After clicking on the image on this page to get the full reso it's still borked? Odd. I know it's fucky on the preview and on the smaller version, but full size seemed fine.
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