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Equestria At War

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Dragon's growth trajectory is long and slow. Even though all the ponies around him are getting old, Spike's real age, according to Dragon s` algorithm, is still young. Twilight decided she shouldn't be a burden to Spike, and didn't want Spike's future fixed around her. So she “fired” him. The incident caused quite a few misunderstandings at the time, but it ended peacefully as usual, and Spike was promised that his personal bedroom at the Castle of Friendship would forever await his return.
After "losing" his job, Spike tried many things — he was smart enough to take on many jobs with ease, but somehow they always left him feeling like something was missing. Instead of looking for a job, he traveled from Hippogriffia in the south to The Crystal Empire in the north.On his journey, as a dragon with a heart of pony, he encounters many things — or, more things. He had experienced more care and love than Twilights, and worse deceit and betrayal than Sludge, but all the things he had experienced with his friends kept his heart of gold the whole time. He traveled the world carrying the torch of friendship to all races, helping others in trouble, and even helping his Changeling friends fend off a sneak attack from the remnants of the Stormcreatures. Gradually, his fame spread far and wide, and he was awarded the title of Friendship Ambassador and that gold medal.
Throughout the trip, he kept up a correspondence with the ponies, including Twilight, and occasionally brought her souvenirs and rare books of interest. But gradually, he noticed that Twilight's replies were no longer prompt, sometimes months late. In one conversation Twilight even asks him for the book he sent for her — again — only two days after she praised it. Spike was so upset that he asked Princess Celestia to tell him that Twilight had given up immortality, and the side effects of aging were obvious. A fear came over him, and he was so afraid of losing his mentor, who was as much a mother as a sister. So he traveled all the way back to Ponyville, where he had a little argument with Twilight. Eventually Twilight couldn't resist her grown up assistant, so she allowing him to spend another time at her side—but only in weekend.

That Aniki-Spike scared me alot.I don`t know why the staffs want to make him so….like a humen?I don`t know….


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