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safe1557676 artist:cadenreigns15 starlight glimmer43075 sunburst5687 trixie61285 human140120 equestria girls177670 bisexual4824 female881855 human coloration4247 humanized93205 lesbian91420 male299669 polyamory6040 shipping181782 starburst991 startrix2529 startrixburst55 straight120305


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I don't get what you're going on about, but three things I need to address:

1) Whatever you're talking about, this image's comments is not the place to be talking about it

2) You are not entitled to be the first commenter on images. If someone else comments faster than you do, that's just what happens.

3) Don't use the [bq][/bq] tags to write your own comments. That's not what they're for.

With the few wonder if some of trixie's magic tricks could be the knotted strings in her right hoodie sleeve could be starlight glimmer's panty when sunburst wonders if his panty if he is even wearing a pair is in trixie's sleeve.