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Fluttershy as Shimazu Toyohisa from drifter the anime.

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safe1557893 artist:miokomata639 fluttershy195994 pegasus233311 semi-anthro10819 anime reference1 badass2958 drifter (anime)1 fangs21633 female882061 floppy ear3 flutterbadass631 freckles24821 freckleshy78 looking at you141012 mare405552 open mouth120747 shimazu toyohisa1 simple background338762 solo961271 sword10469 weapon26800


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #3412
Well technically Shimazu is a estp
And the only estp in the mane six is Rainbow Dash
I still adore that determined look in her eyes it’s so badass and beautiful
and adorable