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safe1557161 artist:fazbearsparkle198 applejack157383 capper dapperpaws1432 fluttershy195929 pinkie pie201546 rainbow dash217383 rarity168085 sci-twi21755 spike74265 sunset shimmer56751 tempest shadow15138 twilight sparkle280061 alicorn191377 dragon46690 earth pony191492 pegasus233067 pony828334 unicorn258430 comic:mlp in special strike5 equestria girls177661 equestria girls series28054 my little pony: the movie17543 3d61150 antagonist1322 crossover56455 five nights at freddy's1503 five nights at freddy's 2118 fnaf 227 freddy fazbear252 golden freddy80 gun14415 lightsaber831 mane seven5852 mane six29044 portal1720 poster4781 shadow freddy13 shotgun1349 source filmmaker36809 star wars2957 the chief (animatronic)12 the special strike23 thehottest dog49 title209 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113875 weapon26791 winged spike7005 withered golden freddy10


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