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Bulge Suit Adventures 3: A Sticky Vacation

The thing about wearing suits that negate basically all of your biological needs is that your horizons expand somewhat. It becomes practical to, say… take a month off in an inflatable rubber chamber, slathered in glue and stuck to your partner, squirming and writhing and grinding your ever-needy bulges around the clock, locked in an endless kiss, quickly becoming mindless in the rhythm of pulling away only to have your latex-encased bodies pulled back together by the tension of the adhesive, all the while the gentle hypnotic suggestion convinces you in your desperate state that this rubber prison is permanent…

And then next year find a new way to trick yourself into losing your mind~
questionable104434 artist:krd340 dj pon-327898 rainbow dash217180 vinyl scratch31993 anthro225771 pegasus232328 unguligrade anthro42110 unicorn257279 alternate hairstyle23737 bdsm5372 blue coat226 blue hair730 blushing172521 bondage29792 bound wings3143 breasts234674 bulges202 chastity1070 collar28142 crotch bulge3929 duo47824 duo futa124 ear piercing20840 female879252 fetish34282 futa41011 futa only1361 futa rainbow dash3316 futa vinyl scratch849 glue289 intersex38346 latex10077 latex fetish52 latex suit2878 multicolored hair4236 null28 piercing33800 pink eyes383 rainbow hair1753 rubber1338 shipping181512 slime1766 vinyldash93 white coat248 wing sleeves211 wings71895


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