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A normal Wednesday afternoon in little ol Ponyville. A small, quiet town where nothing can go wrong, right? Well, evil rears it's head in the most unexpected of places. As of recent, with the assistance of Cally Ber 's partnership with PVPD, Intel was found that was expected to be connected to a possible cartel moving product through the small town. Taking these matters seriously Sergeant Darren Cuffs, team lead of the High Risk Raid Team (HRRT) formed action. Getting a no-knock warrant for a known drug house where the Intel lead the investigative team to believe that the cartel was operating out of, HRRT began their move. The sounds of magazines being filled, rifles being charged and Velcro being strapped filled the air as Sergeant Cuffs and his 5 man team prepared for their warrant. The team loaded into the back of their signature red and black Lenco Bearcat and at a quick pace, made their way to the drug house.
The Bearcat stopped a couple blocks down as to not cause alarm for any possible look-outs. The team piled out of the rear and moved through the back alleys. Other officers moving with to assist with any possible interactions as they made their trek to the property. One armed lookout was waiting in the alley and quickly spotted the team. Before getting the chance to alert anypony else about the team's presence, an officer fired their taser, striking the suspect in the mid chest area subsequently dropping him to the ground with a thud. The suspect was placed into restraints and taken to the mobile operations center that sat with the bearcat. "So far, so good." The Sergeant's deep voice bellowed through the teams Com-Tacs.
Finally, the home stretch. Approaching the rear of the home and stacking against the wall, ducking below a window to avoid being spotted. "C2." From the rear to the front, a small bundle of plastic explosives was passed from officer to officer before reaching the Sergeant's hooves. Sticking the explosives to the frame of the door, right onto the deadbolt.
"3….2….1…Blow." The Sergeant's voice was the only thing heard in the team's Com-Tacs. For those short seconds, it seemed as if the whole world stood still. Finally, the loud crack of the explosive rang around the neighborhood and the team made their entry into the home, with Sergeant Cuffs leading them in. "POLICE DEPARTMENT! SEARCH WARRANT!" Was all that was heard from the Sergeant's deep voice. Shots rang out, yelling ensued.
After 10-12 minutes, the team emerged unscathed. "All clear, bring in the suits." The Sergeant yelled out. Darren and his team sitting on the curb as officers went in and prepared to secure the scene.
safe1555177 artist:totally_fox2 oc593450 oc:darren cuffs35 earth pony190338 pony826370 breach9 bulletproof vest97 clothes400802 explosion1985 gloves16757 gun14375 male298983 police1054 police officer642 rifle3317 solo959081 tactical vest7 uniform9062 vest3394 weapon26715


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