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safe1555701 idw14139 flash magnus701 meadowbrook722 ocellus4386 pony of shadows422 rainbow dash217235 rockhoof965 silverstream5157 spike74218 starlight glimmer42998 stygian671 tree of harmony641 twilight sparkle279846 alicorn191037 earth pony190570 hippogriff8099 pegasus232494 pony826820 unicorn257668 animated91015 armor21311 female879971 gameloft4321 idw showified390 male299131 mare404353 sound6472 stallion90367 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113758 webm9695 youtube link4522


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The Weird God
Now see my problem is with this trailer is that the animation is way too good. And it kind of makes me really hate EQG even more cause with these few second animations there is already better story-telling then in the rushed Season 7 Final. And the reason I bring up why I hate EQG all those writers/animators could have been making FIM specials/movies like that Rainbow Road Trip special. But with the old animators instead of the movie style (I was ok with the movie style) I would have liked seeing more animations from show creators and I feel like Hasbro kind of screwed them over since they put a lot more of there effort into EQG trying to make a sell on bootleg Barbie dolls.