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You and the rest of the students continue on the study trip. It’s a new day and it’s almost time for lunch, so all the students gather near their cabins.
Principal Celestia: Students, it’s almost time for lunch. Please don’t stray too far of the cabins ( ), thanks.
Hey, that is exactly what I said! Anyway, Pinkie Pie arrives with her friends, something that certainly gives you goosebumps :S.
Pinkie: Hi guys! what’s up full .. hmm, where is Rarity and Dashie?
Applejack: Hi Pinkie, the cooks needed help with some bags, so they went to help them.
Pinkie: is Rarity helping to carry non-shopping bags? I can’t believe it! (⊙.⊙)
Rarity: Me neither (ಥ_ಥ)…
Rarity and R. Dash come back with the rest of the girls, but both they are dirty with food scraps.
R. Dash: Those were a lot of bags! Haha, but nothing we couldn’t to do, right Rarity? xD
Rarity: Ugh, I’m going to take a shower right now … see you later girls U_U.  
She enters the cabin. Just then, Pinkie sees you walking with Twilight.. BUSTED! hahaha!!
Pinkie: Heeeeey dummy! (≧◉◡◉≦)
You: What…
Pinkie: Woah! What kind of greeting is that … are you angry?
You: Nah, I’m happy because SOMEONE put sleeping medicine in my juice…
Pinkie: I dont know what you’re talking about.. hmm, you definitely have an angry face and still look half asleep, you should go to the bathroom to wash your face… evil smirk
Twilight: You can use the bathroom in our cabin if you want ᕙ(-ᕙ)..
You: Are you sure? Well, thanks.
You accept the girls’ suggestion and you go to the bathroom to wash your face.. At least you got away from Pinkie x’D.
Pinkie: Fluttershy, you have nothing to say? (◔◡◔)
Fluttershy: huh? (⊙.⊙)
Pinkie: Come on, you slept together with him! xD! tell us everything!! details!!
Fluttershy: Eep!.. Please don’t think anything wrong! (⊙///⊙)
Twilight: They slept to-together? (⊙.⊙)
Pinkie: what’s wrong Twi? Are you jealous? hahaha xD.
Sunset: Pinkie, it’s you who has to explain us why you put sleeping medicine in his juice in first place.
Pinkie: oh.. that was because … TAP Mmmmh.. Mmmnh?!
Suddenly, Fluttershy covers Pinkie’s mouth x’D. What is it that Fshy wants to keep secret? full!
Sunset: You are acting ve- …
Everyone: ..?!
Just then, the girls can hear you scream very loudly. Naturally everyone is concerned to see what happens…  
You breathing is ragged, as if you have been running from something.
Sunset: Hey what happens!!…
You: Pant.. Rarity. She was already in the bathroom!!
Pinkie: Oh yeah, now you mention it, she was going to use it.
You: why didn’t you tell me!!
At that moment, Rarity appears in front of everyone.. and boy, she’s very angry!
Rarity: I got you! You dirty pervert! (◣︵◢)!
You: w-wait! This is all a misunderstanding!
Rarity: shut up!!!
You: … … …oof.. rip x___x
It seems this kind of “fortuitous” things will never stop … maybe it’s what they call: “the force majeure law”? Or it was Pinkie who played a bad joke on you again? xD!
From your eyes
Twilight: You can use the bathroom in our cabin if you want ᕙ(-ᕙ)..
You: Are you sure? Well, thanks.  
Hmm, maybe they are right. We shouldn’t be in a bad mood, at least not on this study trip.
You: This should be the bathroom… open the door … huh?
Rarity and you: Stare  
Im dead.
full (POM)  
… … …
I hope you like it!!  

dead source42844 suggestive185214 artist:charliexe402 rarity212721 equestria girls248919 g41381976 adorasexy12249 ass79383 bent over5557 blushing261270 bra20977 breasts375567 butt218587 clothes610542 cute256645 embarrassed14727 embarrassed underwear exposure995 fanfic in the description269 female1736932 frilly underwear4824 looking at you245668 looking back82345 looking back at you27444 looking over shoulder4578 panties61630 pink bra107 pink panties460 pink underwear4613 rearity6941 ribbon8716 sexy43711 solo1379660 solo female224771 stupid sexy rarity2069 thong7439 underwear76123 undressing6309


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