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Background Pony #8DFD
@Background Pony #359D
hey Why are you creating equestria girls like that with a ridiculous size, they don't have this strange size? stop trying sunset shimmer like this, all this nonsense about sizes is not right, it's an insult. they are supposed to be the same size, I would never treat the disney princess or batman with a size of what you beams
luna's husbando

Reminder that MAME is still the best way to experience 1-3.

MK Trilogy on PSX is awesome, but they broke the Pit II stage fatality. MK1+2+3 on GOG are okay, but have some audio compression and graphic issues.

Also, screw the haters, Mythologies:Sub-Zero is awesome. Yeah, it's frequently unfair with leap-of-faith jumps and instant death pits, but if I could master it all without any walkthroughs or strategy guides, anyone can.