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I joined the bandwagon started by Brittney Ackerman, who's Long Starlight trend has overtaken Jargon Scott's Twiggie sensation as the new fad. So she's going to try and ride the train, too. … Dang I need sleep.

At first I felt bad, but then I noticed the list of artists having already fallen prey to this abomination.

I need to stop drawing while being quarantined and sleep deprived.
That's it, we can blame the quarantine.
safe1555795 artist:chopsticks439 starlight glimmer42999 twilight sparkle279859 alicorn191060 pony826975 unicorn257712 cheek fluff4222 chest fluff31535 crossing the memes578 dialogue58873 female880084 fluffy12646 hat74656 hoof fluff1095 long glimmer180 long pony253 mare404420 meme77933 open mouth120430 simple background337960 squatpony166 twiggie281 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113768 unamused13364 unshorn fetlocks21634


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