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It appears Twilight Dapple and Eventide Glisten were wanting to practice their transformation spells, and figured Pterus was the best pony to practice on. But they only learned part of the spell, and by adorable accident, their big brother is now their little baby brother, but they have not yet mastered how to reverse this particular transformation. And this isn’t the first time they’ve involved their brother in magic practice. Mother Twilight Sparkle is none too happy that they used another spell on their brother, and Twilight Dapple is arguing that she wants Pterus to stay an adorable foal. Mommy Luna doesn’t seem to mind that her baby boy is now her actual baby boy. Pterus? All he’s doing is wondering why Mama Twi is yelling at his sisters…….. and when did his sisters get so big and his Mamas become titans?
What shenanigans will happen next?
Art done by Silfoe, who gave me permission to post here. Link will be provided when they post the art elsewhere. This is not part of the main AU story Silfoe has going on at this time, if anyone is curious.
safe1970945 artist:silfoe1569 princess luna109235 twilight sparkle332833 oc836258 oc:eventide glisten64 oc:pterus113 oc:twilight dapple37 alicorn274292 bat pony64101 pony1322627 unicorn446066 royal sketchbook613 adopted offspring1210 age regression1631 alicorn oc32961 alternate universe11678 alternate universe of an alternate universe12 angry32614 argument1010 baby13250 baby pony8200 bat pony oc24934 bat wings13965 child2265 coat markings9179 colt17888 cute236093 dappled603 daughter814 dialogue80100 eye contact7335 eyeroll663 female1602587 filly84698 floppy ears64474 foal29498 folded wings12903 frown28782 glare8697 glasses77367 gradient background17238 gray background10684 horn117139 lesbian108537 looking at each other27591 looking up20678 magic abuse627 magic practice6 magical lesbian spawn14531 male459589 mama twilight1133 mare617974 maternal instinct16 maternaluna127 missing accessory9250 mother2620 mother and child4030 mother and daughter7039 mother and son3584 offspring46604 open mouth197624 pacifier3025 parent:princess luna2821 parent:twilight sparkle9745 parents:twiluna383 pointing4989 prone30782 raised hoof59812 shipping229667 siblings15301 silfoe is trying to murder us81 simple background501035 sitting78574 smiling331006 son394 speech bubble31974 spell gone wrong418 story included11326 transformation13659 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138530 twiluna1630 underhoof61722 wings174855 wings down487


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Background Pony #F96D
Parece que Twilight Dapple y Eventide Glisten querían practicar sus hechizos de transformación, y pensaron que Pterus era el mejor pony para practicar. Pero solo aprendieron una parte del hechizo y, por un adorable accidente, su hermano mayor ahora es su hermanito, pero aún no saben cómo revertir esta transformación en particular. Y esta no es la primera vez que involucran a su hermano en la práctica de magia. madre Twilight Sparkle no está muy feliz de que usaron otro hechizo con su hermano, y Twilight Dapple argumenta que quiere que Pterus siga siendo un potro adorable. A mamá Luna no parece importarle que su bebé sea ahora su bebé real. ¿Pterus? Todo lo que hace es preguntarse por qué Mama Twi le grita a sus hermanas… ¿y cuándo sus hermanas se hicieron tan grandes y sus mamás se convirtieron en titanes?
¿Qué travesuras sucederán a continuación?
Arte hecho por Silfoe, quien me dio permiso para publicar aquí. El enlace se proporcionará cuando publiquen el arte en otro lugar. Esto no es parte de la historia principal de AU que Silfoe tiene en este momento, si alguien tiene curiosidad.
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Background Pony #666C
And I thought Cadence’s family was a weird one with alicorn Broly. TwiLuna has autistic filly unicorn!