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Lots and lots of Twilight Sparkles
…late to thanking y’all for 2k followers but a milestone is still a milestone
safe1975052 artist:sourspot326 twilight sparkle333367 alicorn275108 pony1327392 unicorn448081 it's about time890 the last problem7188 abstract background20743 book39380 crescent moon2346 crown25070 cute236869 female1606550 filly85109 filly twilight sparkle3104 future twilight1156 heart61530 jewelry91610 looking at you217834 mare620015 moon28080 multeity2747 open mouth198409 princess twilight 2.03244 regalia29952 self ponidox9538 sitting78917 smiling332294 solid sparkle184 sparkle sparkle sparkle285 stars19957 sweat33755 twiabetes13880 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138763 unicorn twilight26404 younger20316


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Background Pony #D215
Solid Sparkle is my favorite.
Wait, does that mean there’s a “Liquid Sparkle?”
Sunset Shimmer is Liquid Sparkle IMHO.