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THICC-Verse: My Little Spikey! (Part 1)

I used to wonder if friendship had benefits.
suggestive128214 artist:chillguydraws51 applejack158981 fluttershy198032 pinkie pie203418 rainbow dash219588 rarity169879 spike74890 twilight sparkle282983 human142238 all just a dream20 applebutt3591 applespike766 april fools760 bed36377 belly button67681 between breasts742 between legs95 big breasts68698 black underwear3332 blushing176104 boob smothering543 bra14042 breasts240174 brush1682 busty applejack8561 busty fluttershy14953 busty pinkie pie9589 busty rainbow dash7033 busty rarity10982 busty twilight sparkle10553 butt27709 chokehold71 cleavage30789 clothes409735 comic101651 cowboy hat13170 cutie mark on human1652 dominatrix1733 dragon eyes45 dream2482 fangs22183 female900783 flutterspike521 frilly underwear4139 hand on hip4586 hat76726 huge breasts32048 humanized94151 husband and wife1213 imminent bath9 male306064 mane seven5898 mane six29466 midriff18242 muscles9997 panties46164 partial nudity17008 pinkiespike407 pointed ears64 pop rocks11 rainbowspike499 rearity3690 ribbon6427 riding crop1671 shipping184224 shorts12216 skirt35711 sleeping21747 slitted eyes20 smiling215434 smothering587 soap642 soda1401 sparity6299 spike gets all the mares709 sports bra2698 sports shorts867 stetson4863 straight121834 surprised8070 thighs8280 towel3270 twibutt4476 twispike1626 underwear55312 wide hips13648


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16 comments posted

Oh man, at first I thought it was real and I got so damn giddy XD. This particular idea has always been a favourite of mine