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Extension of >>1625305 featuring a much better Rainy Days. This tree is a complete clusterfuck now. This is entirely my personal headcanon, don't judge me.
safe1576578 idw14208 8-bit (character)74 alula541 amethyst beat3 amethyst star2286 apple bloom46572 applecore177 applejack158927 aura (character)247 autumn blaze3305 babs seed5633 beachcomber (g4)17 berry punch6103 berryshine6093 big macintosh26879 biscuit121 blossomforth1351 blue belle153 bon bon15647 bow hothoof916 bright mac1125 bright morning4 brown sugar31 bubblegum brush30 bulk biceps3218 burnt oak107 butterscotch (g1)157 button mash3784 candy grapes27 caramel2356 cardinal point10 carrot top5151 cheerilee9361 cheese sandwich3617 cherry blossom (idw)60 chip mint67 chipcutter105 chirpy hooves196 cloudchaser3702 coco crusoe544 cookie crumbles926 coral currents29 coriander cumin135 coronet10 cotton candy (g1)281 cotton cloudy378 cotton puff28 cotton sky63 cozy glow5866 crackle pop200 cream puff142 dawnlighter62 derpy hooves48260 diamond tiara9676 dinky hooves4258 dipsy hooves57 dizzy hooves26 featherweight1210 fire flicker102 firefly1738 firelight344 first base245 flash sentry12101 flitter2913 fluttershy197902 gallus5811 golden harvest5151 high tide (g4)30 hondo flanks478 indian summer50 lemon crumble51 li'l cheese340 lightning bolt828 lightning dust4204 lily longsocks396 limestone pie4712 liza doolots577 loganberry97 luster dawn943 lyra heartstrings28000 mallow flower5 mane allgood221 marble pie6121 maud pie11865 meadow song472 millie135 mint flower44 minty1125 minty (g1)190 minty bubblegum94 minuette5362 mistmane658 mr. stripes63 mudbriar718 night light2005 noi577 november rain502 peach fuzz232 peanut pastry8 pear butter2406 peppermint goldylinks364 petunia576 pinkie pie203345 pistachio160 plaid stripes260 pokey pierce1281 ponet340 princess cadance30472 princess flurry heart6265 rain catcher67 rainberry36 rainbow blaze519 rainbow dash219484 rainbow stars193 rainbowshine776 rarity169805 ruby pinch1223 rumble3804 saffron masala1576 salmon skies8 sandbar4630 scootaloo49200 shining armor21779 silver spoon6225 skeedaddle198 sky stinger473 slate sentiments78 snails5141 snap shutter233 snips3998 snuzzle147 somnambula1650 sparkler2137 spitfire12792 spur171 star swirl the bearded1863 starlight glimmer43913 stellar flare992 stormy flare217 stratus wind9 strawberry parchment34 sugar belle2659 sugar stix36 sunburst5827 sunset shimmer57681 sweetie belle46680 sweetie drops15647 teal shores14 teddy138 tender brush101 thunderlane3822 titania30 tootsie flute579 trixie62191 tulip swirl88 twilight sparkle282883 twilight velvet3834 twist2798 violet spark32 white lightning827 wind whistler442 windy whistles1851 winter lotus101 written script263 yona4450 zephyr breeze2099 oc605599 oc:aero332 oc:akubaba1 oc:altus bastion119 oc:angel tears37 oc:apogee798 oc:archer hothoof1 oc:asesinato1 oc:atom smasher172 oc:better days4 oc:blackjack2352 oc:blizzard wing2 oc:blossom139 oc:boing8 oc:brick kindler13 oc:bullet holes47 oc:caramel ambrosia12 oc:cardio6 oc:cream heart2054 oc:cross country4 oc:cumulonimbus247 oc:darah1 oc:delta vee546 oc:deus40 oc:duct tape1 oc:echo798 oc:epic tale3 oc:flechette1 oc:foundation2 oc:fries10 oc:gatling gun1 oc:get well2 oc:hickory oak8 oc:hired gun115 oc:ipomoea151 oc:iqanda1 oc:irrigation1 oc:jet stream211 oc:lady luck17 oc:lightning blitz309 oc:littlepip3776 oc:mane event183 oc:maple seed13 oc:mayor bright light1 oc:midnight blossom311 oc:moon sugar33 oc:murky246 oc:nails4 oc:nessie belle4 oc:nightfall brilliance1 oc:nordpone29 oc:nuke90 oc:p-21238 oc:paper stars213 oc:perfect freeze3 oc:pixel bit73 oc:puppysmiles270 oc:quirky1 oc:raincloud7 oc:rainy days15 oc:rampage243 oc:remote control2 oc:rose quartz39 oc:roti pita1 oc:running gag2 oc:samosa1 oc:samosa stripes6 oc:sandy hooves164 oc:sassy lost9 oc:savrsen1 oc:scotch tape126 oc:sequoia181 oc:serenity (fallout equestria: heroes)43 oc:sharp note21 oc:silver storm23 oc:sirocca48 oc:sketch88 oc:slug33 oc:snow warning3 oc:snowdrop1191 oc:speck358 oc:steelhooves244 oc:strawberlly10 oc:sunshine morning65 oc:taint fare51 oc:tarot104 oc:threnody38 oc:trissie65 oc:valiant9 oc:warcry21 oc:warden131 oc:wipeout7 oc:zeze142 oc:zhertva1 oc:zinnia8 fallout equestria15296 fallout equestria: project horizons2654 fanfic:bubbles23 fanfic:undead robot bug crusaders5 the last problem4148 spoiler:fanfic13 1000 hours in ms paint4883 adultery668 apomash1 bill wurtz21 bips43 bisexual4959 blossom (g1)5 blossomlane60 blossomtide1 brightbutter711 buttonoi1 buttontwist4 carrotsong2 chipaloo1 clearwater3 colt13332 cottoneyes1 cracklemash7 creambit1 cutie mark crusaders17898 dinkily47 dinkymash1 family tree302 female900122 filly59583 flashimmer1839 flashlight2561 flitterlane35 freckles25455 friendship student1394 gallbar440 gay25264 grand pegasus enclave233 headcanon2127 implied death2372 implied futa701 implied zephdash7 infidelity5341 kirisame marisa71 lesbian92246 lyrabon3095 male305826 mane six29463 mare415976 maudbriar224 mitochondria3 nailslug1 pispurchio1 quadruplets7 rainloo1 rubymash10 rumblecloudy2 rumbledink34 rumblemash115 rumbloo482 sackjack1 scoodaddle1 scootabase2 scootabelle476 scootamash16 scootaweight25 scootiara72 shipping184142 silvertiara398 slatebar1 speke87 spoonaloo15 stallion92858 starburst1023 starry eyes2830 straight121760 sugarmac674 sweetiemash577 thunderchaser185 thunderdust46 tiarumble16 tootsiemash1 tootsiepop23 touhou774 twins1945 wall of tags2315 wingding eyes19176 writtenshine1 yonabar258


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Background Pony #B86D
I am extremely impressed by the immense scale of this massive and complex tree.

On a separate note, you're welcome to use cropped head images of Taint Fare and Blossom for this project, if you want to.
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This is like Lester when he tried to explain the approaches in the cutscene when you enter your Arcade's basement in GTA V. I'm making the same face as the Protagonist Character too.
Background Pony #3A91
Well thats a bummer…; I mean I’m just being biased because Sweetiemash is my favorite ship, but I don’t wanna be toxic so I respect that decision in your headcannon