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Background Pony #E8D1
@Background Pony #2802
Pretty much! We see the hunk he turns out to be! That there bod, it's not meant for just one!

Even if he does stay single to the timejump — I can tell ya one thing, his bed is full every night!

This again? I hoped it won't come out again but I guess spike will be loved struck for awhile… poor thing
Also, lol at the look starlight gave him and spikes reaction. Glad to see more of the show, even if its just some clips.

@Background Pony #D931

@Background Pony #4EBD
You guys are so butthurt. Like I said in the previous comment, the episode didn't say anything about Spike over his crush, it didn't even mentioned his crush at all. At the end of the episode, Spike said to Rarity despite having a good time with Gabby, he still want his "Rarity-time", pretty much implying that his crush is still there.

You guys need to get over it, the Sparity thing is here to stay.
Background Pony #15FC
@Background Pony #4EBD
Aside from CheesPie, LyraBon and YonaBar, Sparity and the remaining 98% of the show ships have been purposely left unanswered to let fans have free interpretation on them.
Spike could have married literally everyone, pony, dragon, female or even male, like every other character in the show, it's completely up to you.

If you think he married Ember, than you got it.
If someone else thinks he ended up single, they got it as well.
If someone else thinks he married Rarity, they got it as well.
Background Pony #1B82
@Background Pony #D931
you know it's bot so serious…well haven't you heard 'Birds of a feather flock together" well i mean look…a dragon with a pony…? this relationship should have been over and somehow it happened in season 9 i think it's better for both of them…spike would marry with ember or some dragon else…spike was a kid when he had a crush on rarity and now i think he has an Adult brain to think about to finishing this relationship
Background Pony #D4A2
Dragon Dropped: Just showed Spike hanging out with a new female friend and absolutely NOT implying, not one single bit, that Spike got over his crush and fell in love with Gabby, but simply showed Rarity that finally realized how much Spike was important to her.


Actual show: Uuh, nope?

Fans: Yes instead!!

Actual show: A'ight, hold my cyder
Background Pony #0388
Like everyone say Applejack and Rainbow dash are a lesbian couple in last problem, they just walking in the throne room together and dicussing about who's the fast in cleaning the house and a lot of people said they are together at that time. Rainbow dash said she can hep clean the house faster so they not going to be late for the friendship meeting in Canterlot, but Applejack want to do it on her own.
Background Pony #8929
@Background Pony #163A
I wouldn't say that his crush on Rarity has ended, even in the wake of Dragon Dropped—just that it doesn't play as huge a part in his character's arc anymore.
Background Pony #E8D1
Isn't the crush supposed to be over, and he moved on? Maybe he's just remembering, but then was like, "Oh nope, wait, I'm with Gabby now woopsy-doopsy!"
Background Pony #3CAB
I love Sparity, but it's kinda out of nowhere after Dragon Dropped, where Spike was more chill about hanging out with Rarity (cave-date?), instead of this puppy-crush stuff.