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suggestive127697 artist:art-2u377 sunset shimmer57445 alicorn194692 anthro229535 human141766 plantigrade anthro26735 equestria girls179697 alicornified4530 armor21618 armpits41436 ascension enhancement100 ass41946 big breasts68196 breast expansion2964 breasts238900 bunset shimmer1338 busty sunset shimmer4518 butt27076 cleavage30700 clothing transformation129 curvy5731 female896810 growth4996 hourglass figure1308 huge breasts31816 human to anthro604 large butt12793 race swap12508 shimmercorn620 solo971115 solo female168254 transformation9750 unconvincing armor1027 wasp waist106 wide hips13594


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Background Pony #8B29
Sunset: I just turned into an anthropomorphic Alicorn goddess in scanty battle armor, and THAT'S what you're focused on?!

That is TERRIBLE running posture, Sunset! You never cross your arms over your body while you move, you're fighting your body's own momentum and slightly compressing your lungs, so you can't breathe as deeply.