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suggestive127753 artist:pia-sama1462 pinkie pie202970 rainbow dash219085 spike74768 twilight sparkle282336 anthro229694 dragon48051 earth pony198198 pegasus238896 plantigrade anthro26747 unicorn265376 comic:rogue diamond421 abs9168 adult2228 adult spike902 apron3883 ass41976 balloonbutt3319 barefoot24209 bedroom8344 bedroom eyes51374 breasts239036 busty pinkie pie9545 butt27145 clothes408212 comic101229 dialogue60457 eating8672 feet34440 female897231 food60628 gigachad spike741 lidded eyes25542 looking at each other16303 looking at you143493 looking back48944 looking back at you10908 looking over shoulder2783 looking up14071 male304824 mare414569 messy hair782 messy mane7015 monochrome147682 naked apron899 noodles281 older22960 older spike4676 pajamas2960 pizza1703 ramen154 socks56655 tanktop6722 torn socks37 unicorn twilight12843 waving2517


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Background Pony #691A
Pretty sure this is the least murderous looking Rainbow Dash Spike has ever seen in this continuity.