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Scootaloo: "Are you trying to tell us something, Gabby?"
Sweetie Belle: "Okay, you're pointing to the spot where your beak normally is. Well, the arrows on your face are pointing there too… Um, something's missing… Oh, you are trying to tell us that you are missing something!"
Apple Bloom: "We'll find it! You can count on us!"
Apple Bloom: "Okay, you gotta clue us in on what's missin'."
Gabby: [facepalms]

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Background Pony #7614
"No wonder you don't sound like yourself today! Should we go look for your own beak then?"
"There's no point. It's stuck in the cave for good."
"Then how about Gabby? She needs her beak too!"
"She told me she'll figure out something. I hope."

MLP, Megaman, Modularity
"Gallus, why does your beak look different?"
"I lost it. Somegriff else offered to loan me theirs."