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safe1577895 artist:lennondash3 fluttershy198097 pegasus240424 pony847626 putting your hoof down711 bag3450 blue background4075 blushing176173 both cutie marks9287 cute177938 dimples of venus220 doormat52 female901236 fluttershy day51 folded wings4622 looking up14178 lying down9525 mare416571 open mouth123433 prone23366 saddle bag5210 scene interpretation7767 shyabetes11484 simple background346376 solo974694 sprawl14 spread hooves64 spread legs16480 spreading16119 three quarter view1127 wings76492


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@Background Pony #FF33
With the few hope a flight crew has to make an emergency landing in the infield after experiencing a major malfunction that prevented them from lowering the landing gear when flutter-shy is the few that was to make a belly landing.