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Just a fun little followup to the latest We Will Be Adored comic. It's the first of a set of two. The second one is here >>2340315

Van model by "Jay-Artist" Released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Downloaded from

The rest of the alley set is my own work.
safe1573781 artist:stellarator311 sonata dusk12587 oc604002 oc:smoothie26 anthro229904 unguligrade anthro42895 comic:we will be adored24 comic:we will be adored part 313 3d62479 blender4752 canon x oc21983 cycles501 disguise3961 disguised siren446 flower22088 gem5390 lidded eyes25563 looking at each other16325 not sfm504 rose3481 siren gem1622 smoonata16 van228


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