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i found this ship and now MMM yes lesbians- the baby isnt so much "set in stone" but i like the design.
safe1572795 artist:lepiswerid39 daring do6046 zecora8778 oc603514 oc:tafuta1 hybrid15161 pegasus238788 pony843757 zebra15701 zony744 baby8995 baby pony6130 baby zony1 black background4446 blue eyes3873 cutie mark40518 daringcora19 ear piercing21523 earring17870 female896943 interspecies offspring6340 jewelry50680 lesbian92088 lesbian couple11 lineless3476 magical lesbian spawn10687 male304712 marsverse26 neck rings720 offspring34299 parent:daring do141 parent:zecora300 parents:daringcora20 piercing34742 pink eyes414 redesign1703 shipping183669 simple background344573 stripes969


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