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Thats right. The Mothers Day pack is almost here. It will be published later so stay tunned.

Price will be 30USD as always. You get 14 characters, and lots of edits, messy and gassy n n. All of them in true show accurate style.
suggestive128126 artist:succubi samus544 aunt holiday241 cup cake3748 pear butter2406 posey shy1035 princess cadance30472 stellar flare992 stormy flare217 windy whistles1851 oc605606 oc:cream heart2054 art pack1166 coming soon87 female900136 implied farting173 implied scat205 milf8097 milf six26 paywall content95 teaser285 the mothers day pack3


not provided yet


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Not paying 30 dollars. Might've paid 20, but 30 is pretty steep, especially nowadays.
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All the three scat packs done before were released as "Quarantine Pack". The link has expired but it will be redone afterwards. Those packs were free and when the llink is created again they'll be free again.

Those were free because they're old already. This one however is completely new and will be for a price.
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ooh sweet a milf pack, alri-"lots of edits, messy and gassy"..wait, what? notices the implied tags ooh…well, their goes my interest