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suggestive127923 artist:symptom99141 adagio dazzle11968 sunset shimmer57534 comic:sunset's dilemma with adagio18 equestria girls179996 equestria girls series28423 allegro amoroso98 ass42036 black panties166 blushing175693 breasts239379 bunset shimmer1340 butt27325 butt touch2863 clothed female nude female2516 clothed male nude female1424 clothes408682 comic101396 commission51876 embarrassed10080 embarrassed nude exposure2069 embarrassed underwear exposure768 equestria guys951 eyes closed80121 female898426 fingerless gloves3920 gloves17190 grope11016 holding2487 imminent sex5156 infidelity5326 lidded eyes25621 male305226 nervous5024 nudity333459 one eye closed25157 open mouth122967 panties46064 panties around legs2191 panties pulled down3500 partial nudity16883 rule 6325192 seducing9 shirt21212 shirt lift2494 skirt pulled down45 straight121620 sunllegro20 teeth7792 touch275 underwear55159 undressing4644


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Everything is Everything
@Background Pony #E235
I'm just curious as to what Sunset and Adagio's relationship is in this particular story arc. I don't recall them being best buddies at any point in time (especially since Sunset and her friends helped destroy the Dazzlings' siren gems). If your synopsis is correct, it might suggest that Adagio did this with purely malicious intent; she'd have gained a measure of revenge against someone she despises (i.e., by sabotaging Sunset and Flash's relationship).

It's interesting, though; we'll see how this all plays out…
Background Pony #E235
Yeeeah, there's only one way this is going.

Sunset wakes up afterwards, Adagio's erased her memory and filmed the whole thing. She gets the concequences — Flash gets to see what happened, her relationship gets wrecked, she's probably pregnant — but Dagi's erased all the enjoyable parts.

All the negatives, none of the positives. And that's why you don't trust your arch-enemy, kids.